Who is Izzy?

"Izzy" is Isadore Joseph  my father, who lived from 1910 to 1975.  I have naturally focused much of my genealogical research to find his ancestors, as well as the ancestors of my mother, Olive Sarzycki Navarre and my wife's ancestors.

As I learned more about Izzy's grandparents I grew more excited because his ancestors were some very notable persons, including:
  • Charles de Langlade, "The Father of Wisconsin"
  • Augustin Grignon, a noted Wisconsin pioneer whose recollections, published by the Wisconsin State Historical Society, have provided us with a great deal of knowledge about Wisconsin's earl history.
  • Simeon Navarre, Izzy's grandfather, who immigrated to Wisconsin from France and started the "Wisconsin Navarre" clan.  Simeon was a noted stone sculptor and has left Wisconsin with many art treasures.
  • Several founders of New France, including Noël Langlois and his sister Marguerite who married Abraham Martin after whom the famous Plains of Abraham in Québec were named.
  • Emperor Charlemagne the Great (King Charles I of France) plus several other kings, queens, dukes and other nobility in Europe.

If your roots are in Wisconsin or Canada and you have one or more of the following surnames in your ancestry, yo may find some useful information on this blog.

Some of the surnames in Izzy's ancestry:
Navarre, Gauthier (Gautier), Grignon, Montmorency, de Montfort, Le Marchand, du Hérisson, Nadeau, Terrien, Desrosiers, Gauvin (Gavin), Rouillard.

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