Monday, March 11, 2013

Earliest known ancestor - Ferreolus (b. 390)

Ancestry from Grandpa Charlemagne
As of this writing Izzy's earliest known grandparents were the Roman Ferreolus and his wife Syagria.  Both are believed to have been born about 390 A.D.  They were Izzy's 48th great-grandparents and were the parents of Izzy's 47th great-grandparents, Prefect Tonantius Ferreolus (405-475) and his wife Papianilla (b. abt 415).

They were ancestors of Izzy's 37th great-grandfather Emperor Charlemagne the Great (King Charles I of the Franks) who will be covered in another blog.

According to Wikipedia:
"Tonantius Ferreolus (405 or ca 420-475) was the praetorian prefect of Gaul (praefectus praetorio Galliarum) from 451.  He was either "personally related to" or "connect through (...) relatives" with Sidonius Apollinaris, and was associated with Thaumastus in the impeachment of Arvandus.  He was the son of Ferreolus, born say 390, and wife Syagria, clarrisima femina (?), born c. 390, and thus maternal grandson of Flavius Afranius Syagrius, Consul in 382.  He married Papianilla, clarissima femina, born ca 415, a niece of Emperor Avitus and the first cousin of another Papianilla, wife of Sidonius Apollinaris, and they had many children, among whom Tonatius Ferreolus.  She was a partner who shared his troubles, according to Sidonius."

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